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  • Empower Thru Self Defence

    You will learn how to recognise, avoid and defuse uncomfortable situation

    • Learn practical techniques
    • Learn about situational awareness
    • Maintain or recover balance and stability when confronted
    • Learn to control the attacker, how to break free
    • Learn to protect and escape
    • Learn to defend yourself if you are on the ground and other dangerous situations

    Suitable ages: 12 – 70

    Duration: 4 weeks

    Starts : Tues,17 October 2017 6.30pm-7.30pm

    Cost:  $60 (Register before 11 Sept for 5% discount)

    Book your place: 9458 1935

    Aikido Shudokan ( Google Map ).
    43 Crissane Rd,
    Heidelberg West

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  • Restorative Nidra Yoga


    Restorative yoga’s main intention is to experience a deep sense of relaxation, nourishment and restoration. With the use of props, including bolsters, blankets, and blocks, this style of yoga practice helps students get into a state of deep peace by holding a series of nurturing poses for an extended period of time. When feeling fully supported, the body and nervous system can relax completely, and layers of tension start to melt away, creating space for genuine self-enquiry and healing. While most of the practice is quiet and still, some gentle movement and pranayama may be explored to further nourish the body.

    Yoga nidra is a systematic, multistage set of relaxation techniques that help induce a deep, meditative state to relax the body and quieten the mind. Research shows its benefits for chronic stress, anxiety, insomnia and chronic pain.

    This class is suitable for all levels of yoga experience. It is for anyone looking for deep relaxation, and for those experiencing anxiety, chronic stress or recovering from illness, injury.

    Please feel free to phone for any enquiries.

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  • Pilates Matwork


    Start your Pilates journey with this beginner level mat class. Learn to activate your deep abdominal muscles while strengthening and stretching the whole body. Feel stronger, fitter and more confident!

    All ages and fitness levels are welcome.

    Please wear comfortable clothing and socks. BYO mat.

    About hte Instructor

    Leith Kelly (Dip. Professional Pilates Instruction)

    Leith has been practising the Pilates method for over 10 years.  Having initially worked in legal administration, Leith discovered Pilates as a way to combat shoulder tension and back pain, and loved it so much that she became a teacher. Leith achieved her teaching diploma in 2013 and is qualified to teach mat and studio Pilates sessions. Leith is passionate about the Pilates method and welcomes the opportunity to help others achieve their full potential for functional movement. She currently teaches both mat and reformer classes in the northern suburbs.

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  • Qigong


    Qigong class includes breathing, focusing internally with gentle movements, sitting, standing, laying down or walking. Feeling our bodies, relaxing and being present allows us to feel calm, peaceful, more focused and happier through practice.

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  • Self Defense


    Information coming shortly.
    Please contact the centre directly with any enquiries.

    Venue: To be announced.

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  • Yoga – Thursday Evening (Semester 2)


    Using postures, breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques, align aspects of yourself to create flexibility in your body.

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  • Bike Riding Group


    Join our bike riding group whilst staying fit, active and healthy.

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  • Pilates – Monday morning


    This holistic Pilates class will strengthen, stretch and re-align your whole body. You'll leave each session walking taller, feeling calm, happy and relaxed.

    Please wear comfortable stretch clothing and bring a mat.

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  • Tai Chi – Level 2


    The movements develop and strengthen all parts of the body. Practicing Tai Chi quietens the nervous system, promotes relaxation and improves health.

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  • Zumba


    Zumba is a fusion of spicy Latin and international rhythms creating a dance/ aerobic fitness program. Dance inspired movements combined with fitness strategies, tone, sculpt and burn fat.

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