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About Us

AIM : To provide services to the Banyule and wider communities.
To provide the opportunities for all to learn, teach, make friends and give mutual support in an ethnically diverse, comfortable, accepting and co-operative environment.

The purposes of the association are as follows:

  1. To provide a range of community activities and programs for people living within the City of Banyule.
  2. To provide learning opportunities for people in order to encourage empowerment, self growth and educational opportunities.
  3. To provide a focal point for community development and opportunities for mutual support and self help.
  4. To provide an accessible and safe environment for all participants.
  5. To provide services without discrimination.
  6. To liaise and collaborate with other Neighbourhood Houses within the City of Banyule.
  7. To work within the guidelines and support the philosophy of the City of Banyule Corporate Plan and Business Plan.
  8. To work within the guidelines of the Association of Neighbourhood Houses and Learning Centres, Department of Human Services and other funding bodies.